Marko Fuchs (Germany)
I was between 10-15 October 2005 in ur shop and you tailored me two suites. The quality is very good and I am really happy with the suits. I am interetsed in more suits (same measurements quality style and again two trousers and one jacket per suit)…….

Sean de Jong (Switzerland)
My name is Sean de Jong and I purchased 3 Suits from you in Novemeber 2007. The suits and shirts are great and I want to buy some more shirts. I am just wondering how I can purchase shirts from you as I will not be coming to Thailand for some time……..

Evan Williams (Australia)
Hi Milan & crew, Just wanted to contact you and say for the wonderful job you and your team did on my suits/shirts/pants, and also my friends clothes. Service was fantastic and nothing ever seemed to be a problem. I have been thinking about getting a suit jacket made for the grey (with black pin stripe) made with the same measurements as the blue suit. Is this possible? Do you still have the measurements and also importantly the material? If you do I would like to order one and get it sent to Australia. Not a huge rush, but think that I would like to give you the business and continue with as my tailor.

Gerald J. Cogen (USA)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, once again, for lunch with me and my wife. I have had so many compliments on the clothing that was prepared by your shop in Kosamui. Milan & Johnny did an outstanding job. You mentioned over lunch that you may be making a trip to New York. Have your plans changed? Please advise. I would like to send some fabric that I purchased for three (3) double breasted suits to be made since you already have my measurements. My one concern would be the sleeve cuffs because I would like surgical cuffs, the same style that Dennis has requested in the past. Is your telelphone number 081894 4657? What would be the most convenient time to call you? Then, we can discuss where would I be able to send the fabric.
Gerald J. Cogen

Marco Baddorek (Germany)
Hi Peter! I’m very happy with the quality of the order – I’ll be your customer for the next 30 years if quality remains ;-) Last time you told me that you will come again to Germany in September. Is this trip still planned? If yes, could you think about planning a day in Düsseldorf? At the moment I have 5 people except me who are interested to meet you. Best would be on a weekend or on a friday. We can do the ”meeting” in my flat if you like. When you know your travel plans then we should talk again – I like to make a second order, too.